Snapchat Lens
Connecting with fans and customers in a new, creative way.
Activation Event Content
Snapchat was looking for a way to attract advertisers towards recently launched Snapchat Lens & Len's Studio.
The studio allows brands to make their own Snapchat lens to share unique augmented reality experiences.
Orchid devised both storyline and design and illustrated how advertisers could integrate the new Lens into campaigns to build brand awareness using the four different formats on Snapchat: Snap Ads, Snap Lens, Snap Filters and Story Ads.
Brands have the opportunity to explore a more irreverent side of their image, while users can be part of an immersive brand experience.
Lens Studio by Snap Inc.
To date, Snapchat has run more than 100 sponsored lenses with each AR lens typically costing between $500,000 and $1 million per day.
Orchid is proud to have contributed, in our own small way, to the success of this new AR marketing feature.