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Unstoppable Domains, Web3 education

Since 2020
  • Educational
Startups are peculiar animals and we love it

With long ties to the tech industry, ORCHID built its track record and understanding of the blockchain space early on.

It was because of this that we were introduced to Unstoppable Domains at a critical turning point for the young Web3 startup.


Our first meeting with Unstoppable served as a reminder that startups operate through entropy, this being the price of rapid expansion and ambitious creation.

After conquering a solid community base, they were standing at the verge of a promising market, and they needed help reaching it.

We were introduced to a team scattered between Asia, Australia and the United States, perfect conditions for Orchid’s setting, and from the very first meeting we had a team merging as one intercontinental operation.


Unstoppable was having difficulties building cohesive communication materials, and they wanted our help with creating educational videos to explain their complex industry.

The root of their troubles was that their branding had not matured at the same speed as their booming company, but due to the speed that the Web3 market moves, there was no time to pause, and they had to keep producing at even higher levels.


With crazy deadlines and ever-changing scenarios, we took on the challenge of creating assets as the new branding direction was being decided in parallel.

As we dove into the project, there were certainly moments of nerves and uncertainty on both ends, but we were confident we could pull it off as one team. We created the tools needed to battle one of the industry’s biggest challenges: reaching both blockchain-savvy and neophyte communities.

It was already not an easy game, but as we were saying, entropy is at play. While we were unlocking the first stage, we had to factor in the fast development of their organization, with new team members joining each week, who also had to be brought up to speed on the landscape.

At the same time, the project leadership moved from APAC to the USA, so we had to follow with our own adjustments, all without service interruption.


We integrated our operations with theirs, even going so far as to join their project management platform to our processes and sync with their internal workflow.


Finally, we were introduced to their newly appointed Art Director, ushering in a new stage of support. Together, we transitioned Unstoppable into their newly minted brand book, working with them on defining the new art direction execution, then deploying that execution live.


Through this collaboration, Unstoppable successfully landed a series of key partnerships deals and ultimately closed their highly awaited funds round. We are proud to have been part of this journey.

For Orchid, the excitement of working with individuals and projects that challenge and disrupt their market is always a core motivation. It pushes us to look for adaptive actions, to embrace the intensity, and to offer comprehensive creative partnerships to each of these future-makers.

São Paulo