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Zotac Gaming Technology

Since 2019
  • Go-to-Market
Thriving for shared synergies

When looking at companies and potential partnerships, Orchid is always trying to define a unique pathway to ensure our goals are aligned. This is particularly true when engaging with niche projects or small and medium actors.


In 2019 when meeting with Zotac, an award winning technological innovator in the development of gaming hardware, our discussion was about helping them step up their brand expression through videos.


At Orchid, a company with a large community of gamers and tech groupies, the perspective of working with Zotac brought excitement, seeing our collaboration with the Hong Kong based company as an opportunity for some out of the box creative expression.

When deep diving into Zotac’s context, we recognised the patterns of many lean tech companies: by being engineer led they are highly focused on product vs. on experience. So despite their best efforts, they faced difficulties to pair their engineering might with a strong brand image and messaging.


Our first project was to create a hero video for their flagship product, initiating our mission of improving their communication model by integrating more abstraction and emotion into their narrative, opening the path to a whole new brand experience.


While working with Zotac we were to learn the hard truth about the industry. All GPU makers are dependent on the likes of tech giant NVIDIA’s convolutions, to whom they have to adapt their plans even when taking action on their own products.

This meant we had to deliver an upgraded 4K video (with 5 languages localisation!) in record time to be able to meet the launch window.

But we made it, gaining Zotac’s trust after this first muscle flex. We joined this ambitious journey, challenging both ourselves and Zotac into gradually introducing novelty and increasing the quality of the brand assets.

We try our best to feed them with inspiration, together promoting innovation touching from virtual reality and metaverse technology to supporting major co-branding campaigns with the likes of Sony Pictures, delivering impactful visual experiences.


We are proud to be part of this evolution, seeing how the company has grown in self-confidence and brand capacities since the start of our long term collaboration.

São Paulo