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Google, a continued partnership

Since 2012
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People usually ask us how we got to work with Google; it all started with a simple email received saying : “We like what you guys are doing, would you be interested to work with us on a Keynote?”. It took us a moment to believe that It was actually Google talking to us but it was.

We were at that time just three people, one in Barcelona, one in Paris and the last one in Beijing, the Google team was sitting in San Francisco.


One of our very first projects with Google in Mountain View was to help bring to life some ideas for the Google Play partnership team.

The experience was amazing and set the tone of what would become our longest partnership growing side by side with the most innovative company of our generation.


Fast forward a couple of years later, and we are setting up Orchid’s third office. This time in New York, with the conviction that being at the source of working more closely with the teams would unleash greater creativity.

As our relationship evolved, the multi-continental nature of Orchid became a big advantage for Google.


As a global entity with operations in all four corners of the world, Google had to face both regional and global challenges, such as strategy continuity and adaptability, and our global team became the perfect partner.


Orchid strength lies in its people, we have designed our organisation to scale and diversify teams, from business intelligence to ideation, 2D/3D design to strategy. A project can follow the sun, starting in Singapore, with edits made in Paris and final delivery from New York while providing relevant and consistent craftsmanship.

We conceptualised and designed countless brand toolkits and guidelines for many Google brands and products, some of them were also applied to Google’s Partner Marketing Hub.


This is especially useful when working with a worldwide company like Google. We ensure that – no matter the region or department of Google – we deliver consistent messaging, since our whole team is fully immersed in the Google language.


From Keynotes to anthem videos, from print ads to content showcased at I/O, mockups to UI animation, whether it was for Android, Google Play, Chromebook or Google One… Along the years, we developed a deep understanding across Google products and markets.


We are very proud and thankful to have Google as our oldest client; It’s been an amazing ride, and we are looking forward to many more years to come.

São Paulo