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Econet 25th anniversary

Since 2023
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Taking your stories to the sky

At Orchid we are known for our nimble nature and ability to deliver. These qualities allow us to stay innovative, continuously integrate new skills, and offer the right solutions for each project.


As a result, the collaboration between Orchid and the Zimbabwean IT leader Econet took form.


This story started in Kigali, Rwanda, during the International Inclusive Fintech Forum event, where we were helping a Fintech startup with its market launch strategy.


This young and promising/up-and-coming brand wanted to impress locals with a modern and dynamic campaign, and Orchid was in charge of everything, including teaser and post-launch content, leveraging social media assets, digital, print, merchandising, copywriting, and event concepts.

But, our creative team wanted this campaign to be noticed as one-of-a-kind–something to inspire. And that is what drove us to explore a new creative endeavor.

After extensive research, we knew a DRONE LIGHT SHOW was the answer. As the showstopper of the event, a drone show would not only work to gather the audience and deliver an impactful message but also bring in powerful symbolism, both to the brand and the market.

As a creative medium, drones offer a variety of possibilities–from pattern formation and drone-launched pyrotechnics to laser projection and animated sculpture, all within a constantly evolving technology.


But the team’s excitement quickly gave way to disappointment when they realized that, while there were prominent drone light show operators worldwide, none of them were in Africa, and furthermore none of these operators were willing to join us.

This unfortunate reality set us on a quest to figure out how to make this still happen for our African clients.


Persistence was key when facing a wall of rejection, and we finally decided to take the realization of this project into our own hands. Orchid had to become the drone operator itself, starting with finding a reliable drone supplier by the name of Drotek and training to become certified professionals in record time. This could have intimidated many, but for Orchid, this situation was a unique opportunity to add another technological arm to the agency.

As a company that has always advocated for technology accessibility, taking a position in leading the charge was a natural step forward.


This is how Dicomm Mcann noticed us and chose us to partner for their client Econet’s anniversary event. We proved to them that we could understand the market, go through local hurdles, and still provide an impactful experience.


Orchid’s agility in capacity-building, partnering with multiple stakeholders, and our commitment to problem-solving took us to the forefront of emerging technology, giving us the fantastic chance of creating entertainment in the sky for a crowd of 20,000 in one of the most dynamic continents.

We could not have succeeded without the extraordinary people we met along the way who each played a role in our achievements, including the locals we trained to become extensions of us and the officials who understood our vision and helped us go through the red tape.


Sometimes the success of a project doesn’t simply hinge on your strategy or the craft.

It may depend on your ability to decipher the intricate needs of your client or to go beyond your role to overcome hurdles that stand between you and a successful result.


More importantly, these efforts could only be justified by a willingness to be in Africa for the long run and the belief in the potential ahead. This is why we are determined, and we look forward to growing our community there and sharing with them our grit.

São Paulo