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They say it’s important to remember where you came from. We agree. That’s why Orchid was born with the desire to enable people who may not necessarily have the tools to do so. The people who may not know how to project their talents, protect their dreams or celebrate their inner stranger things. It’s pretty crazy to think that roping in likeminds to work on creative projects big and small could get us closer to this one goal — lifting others up — but we are slowly and surely getting there.

From day one, Orchid is about hustlers who actively embrace what’s behind-the-scenes. The process of getting from A to Z. The quiet hours of animating, drawing, colouring, writing, scaling, charting, thinking. Years down the road, after making some mistakes, scooting down several wrong turns and getting back on our feet, we somehow got ourselves here; 16 nationalities working across 4 time zones on ideas that often bring smiles and laughs to clients who still believe in us. (Thank you)

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We bring empathy
to complexity.