We created a space
where there was none
and shared it with both
our people and clients.
Google Indie Games
Google APAC engaged Orchid to create a campaign for the launch of their first Google Play/Indie Games Accelerator program, a four-month program for top indie game startups to successfully build, scale, launch, and market the next generation of mobile games.
Fuze Tea
Our client Coca-Cola came to us with an intriguing challenge: how could they educate employees about a treasured, ancient ingredient: tea?
Moët Hennessy
Moët Hennessy asked Orchid to create an invitation for their clients and customers to attend a prestigious event held at the 2017 Roland Garros Tennis Championships
Promoting the features of Gmail through quirky situations? That's a first :)
YouTube Merchandising
YouTube asked Orchid to create a video to drive awareness for their new co-marketing partnership with Teespring.
Madab 2017
Each year, Google convenes some of the top mobile app developers worldwide to address challenges and anticipate the future of the industry.
Benefit Cosmetics
Orchid produced a series of 15 shorts featuring Miss Happy, a cute and expressive animated character that has previously been featured in Hello Happy! campaigns and packaging.
Equal Justice Initiative
Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) is a nonprofit organization that is committed to ending mass incarceration, excessive punishment and challenging racial and economic injustice in the United States. We worked on some of the historical facts related to the domestic slave trade and the harrowing journey behind the relocation of thousands of enslaved people from the Mid-Atlantic region to cities in the South, like Montgomery itself.
Google I/O 2018
A short and simple animation depicting Android’s 10-year history timeline.
YouTube Yearbook
YouTube asked us to help strengthen their relationship with the fastest-growing, most popular Creators. So we sent a personalized, commemorative yearbook honoring the individual journey of each creator who had surpassed 1 million followers