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Google, a historical partnership

Since 2015
  • Toolbox

This one could do without an introduction, so instead we are going to talk about how we first got to meet the tech giant Google, back in 2015.

It all started in our headquarter hometown Paris, when Google France trusted us with a pretty straightforward request creating a deck presentation. At the time we were a small team working from a tiny office, but getting the opportunity to work on this project gave us confidence and made us hungry for more.


One of our very first projects with Google in Mountain View was to help bring to life some ideas for a Google Play partnership pitch, you can already feel the French touch here and there…

Fast forward to one year later, and we are setting up Orchid’s third office, this time in the United States. With determination and boldness we showed up at the door of Google’s headquarters in San Francisco and since then our partnership has only flourished.


Google is always launching new products and developing new features which require a constant need for new communication tools, assets, partner support and updates, and at first they saw in us a partner that could deliver quick, efficient work, basically “getting things done”. We worked, designed and created countless brand toolkits and guidelines for many Google brands and products.


But as our relationship evolved, the multi continental nature of Orchid became a big advantage for them. By being a global entity with operations in all four corners of the world, they had to face both regional and global challenges, such as strategy continuity and adaptability, and with our global team we became the perfect partner. From pitch decks to anthem videos, from print ads to events… there’s little we haven’t done together.


At Orchid, we pride ourselves in the strength of our people, and we have designed our organization to scale and diversify teams, from business intelligence to ideation, 2D/3D design to strategy. A project can follow the sun, starting in Singapore, some edits made in Paris and finally delivered from New York.

Furthermore, we have adopted a genuine interoperability between offices, a process we created to make us more efficient and flexible while providing relevant and consistent craftsmanship.This is specially useful when working with a worldwide company as Google, ensuring that whatever region or department we work with, we deliver a consistent messaging, our whole team being fully immersed in the Google language.

We worked, designed and created countless brand toolkits and guidelines for many Google brands and products. Some of them have also been applied to Google’s Partner Marketing Hub… and we help with that too!


From pitch decks to anthem videos, from print ads to content showcased during I/O, from mockups to UI animation, whether it was for Android, Google Play, Chrombook, Google One… there’s little we can’t do for Google!


We are very proud to have Google as our oldest client, and thankful that they trusted us that day in Paris back in 2015. It’s been an amazing ride, and we are looking forward to many more years to come.

São Paulo