YouTube Yearbook
Personalisation with scale
Activation Branding
In 2016, YouTube asked us to help strengthen their relationship with the fastest-growing, most popular Creators. So we sent a personalized, commemorative yearbook honoring the individual journey of each creator who had surpassed 1 million followers that year.
In 2017,
we wanted to outdo ourselves.
So we organized more than 24,000 stats to chart each individual Creator's journey through unique data points, like top videos and view counts.

Then we translated each book into the Creator's own language -22 in total-.
Altogether, we produced 1281 handcrafted yearbooks, which were sent to 45 countries. But we also wanted to share a little surprise..
To our delight, the YouTube yearbook is a gift that gives back.
Excited and grateful Creators have already posted dozens of “thank you” videos, helping spread more love for the Creator community worldwide.
This year, we thought outside the books.
As they opened up their book, each Creator also got a YouTube notification, guiding them to an animated video of their journey to 1 million fans.