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Coca-Cola, from Tech to FMCG

Since 2017
  • FMCG
An unexpected symbiotic relationship

Orchid prides itself on pushing our clients to the next level. In the same way, we have always tried to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone, searching for new challenges, being on top of the latest trends, and learning from very different industries. This is how in 2017, as a tech-focused design agency, we became the go-to design and strategy agency for Coca-Cola EMEA, the biggest FMCG business in the world.


It all started with Honest. The brand had been around in the US for about 10 years before Coca-Cola acquired them. As Honest merged into Coca-Cola’s umbrella of brands, they wanted to broaden its portfolio as well as launch the brand across different markets in Europe.


That’s when Coca-Cola UK trusted us as their creative partners for Honest’s rebranding. This request wasn’t a small one for us — FMCG beginners! — but thanks to our strong skill set and effective approach to branding, we managed to give our best and deliver great work on all fronts, from the strategic conception of the brand to the complete roll-out of the new visual identity across all touchpoints and across digital and print channels.


After this significant piece of work, our partnership became stronger and we continued working with Honest on the localization of assets to help them launch the brand across other markets in Europe. It was especially fun when we worked on a large amount of creative activation ideas to see the brand we had dearly conceptualized come to life in the shape of pop-up coffee shops, street stands, airport and supermarket displays, and more.


The success with Honest propelled us into what became an amazing journey. Since then, other brands within the Coca-Cola company such as Fuze Tea, SmartWater, Adez, Coca-Cola, Fanta, Aquarius and others have opened the doors to us, allowing us to deliver great creative and strategic work across not only Europe but also the US and China.


One of our main goals during our relationship with Coca Cola has always been to find ways to inject a bit of our innovation and tech focus into this traditional FMCG company.
We can proudly say that since 2017 we’ve won a few battles 🙂

We showed them what high-quality 3D pack renders looked like and their benefits vs traditional real pack shootings, which resulted in them creating — for the first time ever — 3D pack renders of their entire product range (approx. 20 SKUs). This allowed them to update the packs (localizations, legal label updates, new product flavors, etc.) with just a few clicks, instead of needing a new photoshoot each time.


Another way we implemented our tech approach to their needs was by producing motion materials for them, even for internal purposes: creating movies where they used to have presentations and gifs where they used to have static images. We’ve even created immersive experiences for their yearly European marketing physical gathering, such as an innovative projection mapping for Smart Water.


But it was not only us helping Coca-Cola with our tech knowledge. During these years, Coca-Cola has also been a great partner to us, trusting us in the first place and guiding us to understand a completely different industry to the ones we are used to.

They have brought a different perspective to the way we work, broadening our scope and capabilities to respond to a great variety of briefs and challenges.

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