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Product launch to event hacking, the power of drone light shows

You probably heard about our light show in Kigali ( we might have been a bit noisy on IG, Linkedin and Twitter for once😅). We’d like to tell you about the making of it and why this project is the proof that anything is possible in Africa.

Project Background

At Orchid, our mission has always been to celebrate creativity, challenge the status quo, and harbor innovative projects.  Our recent venture in Kigali was an illustration of the magic that happens when audacity meets cooperation.

For the market launch of our client (Chipper Cash) in Rwanda, we  embarked on a creative and technological quest to boost the brand’s market approach and hack the IFF Kigali event as a key milestone for their business integration in this new market.


Challenging endeavor

Let’s be real,  running a market launch or a major event is always an epic endeavor even for the largest corporations. So of course, it wasn’t a walk in the park for a small agency like us to take on both missions. But we’ve never been ones to shy away from a challenge. Such ambitions have always been where Orchid thrived, on pushing boundaries, performing in resource allocation and problem solving. Proving that being nimble and committed can move mountains.


Strategic & creative approach

“Regionalization” and “localization” are keywords that led our approach and the way we built the campaign and the assets, but we were also looking to climax that campaign with a really iconic statement.

This took us to the drone light show. 

Humans have always looked up to the sky for symbolism, hope, amazement, and answers. The Chinese have for thousands of years used fireworks to bring celebration, mythology and pride to people.

Drones light shows are becoming the new evolution of that story. Its high ability for customization, messaging and to be environmentally more respectful, makes it an ideal medium for brands.



We are firmly invested in the power of teamwork, and in Rwanda, we discovered a spirit of cooperation like no other. Teaming up with local companies and institutions, revealed essential to the realization of our ambitions.

The local authorities in Rwanda were more than just helpful; they were the “wind beneath our wings”. Their openness and enthusiasm for our vision fueled our determination to make this show a resounding success. Their support in opening doors, resolving compliance work and guiding us in local customs.. We were humbly grateful for the opportunity to bring our creativity to Kigali.


Making of highlights

The making of a drone light show can be quite eventful. From the design phase, where without more technical testing with our drone operators team, we can’t know for sure if the “paper” version will be translated as envisioned, to the real world.  So every trial is an especially highly anticipated event. The logistics with drones is another subject of high nervousness. Drones technologies navigate in a very complex regulatory framework, from transport to use cases and every country has their own conditions. These have taken our teammates into epic road trips across Europe’s customs offices and Rwanda’s clearing houses. But no efforts were spared to see it through.

One of the most memorable moments was during our one and only on site full size rehearsal. Picture the nervousness yet excitement of the team facing this moment of truth. As the drones took flight and danced in harmony, the collective relief gasps looking at the sky, meant It was like watching a dream come to life before their very eyes.


The magic is in proof of work

On D Day, the real magic for us was not in the sky, but on the ground; with the cheers of amazement and hundreds of heads captivated by the show.

The ultimate testament of the show’s success went to our CEO, and came from a Republican Guard giving him a heartfelt hug. This emotional embrace spoke volumes about how impactful drone shows are to connect and give creative messaging strong emotional leverage.


Looking Forward

Before the show we have heard it all, the classic it is not possible in Africa, it isn’t worth the effort, just do something easy… But this would have been against the nature of Orchid’s mission, not only Orchid is dedicated to challenge briefs, be ambitious with technology, but also because Orchid stands strongly convinced in the potential the continent holds and how creativity is to play a key role in the development and narrative change the continent is looking toward to.

So this drone show is a meaningful statement of Orchid’s intentions, a premiere in Rwanda that prefigures more challenges, more local partnerships, more ventures to come, across the continent.

A promise to paint the African skies with brilliance!

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July 27, 2023
São Paulo